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Make Every Day Gay Pride Day in 2011

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Public Health slogans, funny sayings, quotes

An Ounce of Public Health is Worth a Pound of Health Care

Bleeding Heart Liberal - Help - I Need Universal Health Care        View All Public Health Designs

Got Public Health

Celebrate Public Health

Public Health - Just Due It

Public Health Works for You

Public Health is Contagious - Spread the Word

Public Health is Everybody's Business

Public Health Worker - Be Nice - I May Have Saved Your Life

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege

No Smallpox - No Polio - Know Public Health

Our Health Care System is Neither Healthy Caring Nor a System

Seven Days Without Exercise Make One Weak

Proud to Be Smoke Free                                                          View All Public Health Designs

Will Work for Public Health

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Public Health slogans, funny sayings, quotes





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