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Celebrate Gay Pride Day Every Day in 2012

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Download Free Gay Pride Rainbow Wallpaper -

"Dykes of Courage"

Download this gay pride rainbow computer wallpaper for free, as part of Top Pun's campaign efforts to promote gay-lesbian civil rights and gay pride. Take advantage of this rainbow wallpaper in your home or office.  Share this free wallpaper with friends and enemies alike!

Got Pride?  Shop Rainbow StoreTop Pun is the proud owner of the Rainbow Store, featuring over 180 gay-lesbian designs on your choice of 14 products.  Shop the Rainbow Store with pride!

Download Free Rainbow Wallpaper (1024 X 768) - "Dykes of Courage"

Download Free Rainbow Wallpaper in 640 X 480 FORMAT

Download Free Rainbow Wallpaper

Download Free Rainbow Wallpaper (1024 X 768) - "Dykes of Courage"

Download Free Rainbow Wallpaper in 640 X 480 FORMAT

View other free downloadable rainbow wallpapers:

Non-Nuclear Arms are Also for Hugging

Dykes of Courage

Just Due It - LOVE

Have a Gay Day

Home is Where the Heart Is

I'd Rather Be Destroying Heterosexual Marriage

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Top Puns "Got Pride" Manifesto

(appears on bottom of free Gay Pride posters)

It’s time we all said, “Know gays aloud!”  We live in queer times.  Out is in!  And civil rights --give ‘em to one group and soon you've gotta give ‘em to EVERYONE.  If God had wanted gay marriage she would have created love.  Love…that's SO gay!  Gay unions as a compromise?!  Remember “Separate but equal?”  Been there done that.  There are some things we all know: Non-nuclear arms are also for hugging.  One nuclear family can ruin your whole life.  Family is a family value.  Queens aren't chosen they're born.  And, closets are for clothes (really fabulous clothes).  Is it time to institutionalize homosexuals and support gay marriage?  Who's destroying whose marriages?  Heterosexuals can halve marriage for themselves.  Fix marriage, not gays.  Equality - just due it.  Gay marriage - just duet!

Peace, Dan Rutt, alias "Top Pun" (It's just, my pun name)

Top Pun is the unofficial outfitter for efforts to promote gay-lesbian civil rights and gay pride.  Please feel free to download these free rainbow computer wallpapers and pass them along to others.  If you like these free rainbow wallpapers, try these free gay pride posters.   Download free rainbow pride stuff for all!

Free Gay Pride Rainbow Wallpapers





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Make every day gay pride day!